Pool FAQ

Campground FAQ

  • Q: Do you have a lifeguard on duty? A:  Yes
  • Q: Is chlorine added to the pool? A:  Yes
  • Q: Do you rent swimsuits and towels? A:  Yes, check in the lobby.
  • Q: Are street clothes allowed? A:  No, swimsuits are required for all swimmers. Swim shirts are allowed, shirts made from Non-absorbent materials, for example nylon, Lycra, spandex, polyester, etc…. Street clothes include but is not limited to: absorbent materials such as Cotton, cotton blends, terry cloth, linen, denim, corduroy, Basket ball shorts, etc.
  • Q: Can we sit by pool without paying? A:  Yes, you can even enjoy watching with both eyes!?
  • Q: Do you give group rates? A:  Yes, Ask Michaela in the Lobby.
  • Q: What is the depth of the pool?? A:  2.5 to 7 feet.
  • Q: Is diving allowed? A:  Unfortunately no. We do have a “jumping” board for your enjoyment.
  • Q: Do you have slides? A:  Yes, there are two at either end of the pool.
  • Q: What is the difference between an all day pass and a one time pass? A:  An All day pass you may come and go from the pool for the day. A one time pass allows entry to the pool one time and once you leave the pool area your swim is done.