About Us

About the new owners/operators of Indian Springs.

Michaela, Dave and Ben.

While searching for the “right” campground to purchase and manage we found Indian Springs Resort & RV. Nothing else we saw compared in beauty and community. The pool or “The Nat” being an unexpected and amazing addition to the campground. Our plan for Indian Springs is to keep this gem as it is. Trying to continue and promote the same memories and traditions that have been built over the nearly 100 years of the pools life.  It’s always a delight to meet someone who remembers “back in the day” when they came in with their parents or grandparents and are now doing the same with their children or Grandchildren. When you stop by the pool or campground please reach out and say “Hi” as we are eager to meet our new neighbors and make new friends and family.



I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I made my way to American Falls via Las Vegas, but don’t hold that against me *smile*. I have three kids, all grown. Brianna is in Georgia with her husband and son who will be starting school shortly. My daughter Kayla is at UCSB and is working on her Masters in Physics. My son Myles is in the Navy, recently married and setting up his own family roots in California.

Our family camped together for Summer vacation nearly every year. From packing tents and sleeping on the ground to a Pop-Up Tent Trailer and finally a Motorhome. Traveling all over the West and Pacific North West as well as into the Dakotas and more. The family time and bonding that comes from spending so much time together I think was one of the primary rewards. This is where I found my love of Camping and campgrounds and the people we met along the way and made into friends. People from around the world sharing in the discovery and enjoyment of what is beyond our front porches. I also noted that almost everyone we met on vacation was in good spirits and ready to share stories and make new friends.

Myself, I have worked in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry for many years. From there I moved on to the IT world.  However, my true passion is working with kids. I’ve spent many years working with the Girl Scouts, Coaching Girls Fast Pitch Softball and volunteering at as many school activities as I could. Even traveling with my daughters High School Band to Europe twice.

Today I make my home here in American Falls setting up new roots here in Idaho. I’ve enjoyed meeting our new neighbors and making new friends coming and going through the Pool and RV Park. I am also looking forward to my first real Winter as we don’t have much for weather in part of California I am from.

Dave and Michaela:

We came to American Falls from San Jose California.  We have been married for 25 years, and have one son, William, who will be starting his senior year of college at WSU in August.  Michaela was a florist for 30 years in Palo Alto, and Dave worked as a driver for the flower shop. Which gave him the perfect schedule to be the coach for William’s baseball team for many years. Taking William to college 3 years ago is when we first saw Idaho.

We have two dogs, Daisy and Tahoe, and 1 cat, Deja. 

Moving to Idaho from California has been exciting for us. A huge change for all of us…especially the dogs, as they had never seen a cow before…. or snow…. we look forward to their first snow day!!!

Moving here and starting a whole new life, was pretty scary, but also exciting. And Indian Springs is a new adventure we truly hope to keep going for many more years!!  American Falls is so beautiful, and each day brings us something new. We have been welcomed so warmly, and everyone has been so kind. Thank you all so much for welcoming us!! We really look forward to making Idaho our home.